Friday, 12 October 2007

Advertising Copy

Gog: How, magog, do you square your communist leanings with your job in an advertising company.

Magog: it is important of course to understand the production of symbolic goods immanently and in terms of its pragmatics. But all along with the intent of stabbing it in the back. One must only maintain one's critical distance.

Gog: but pro-capitalist advertisers themselves have 'critical distance'. They too understand it 'critically', only in order to DO it better!

Magog: Yes of course. The difference between the pro and anti capitalist advertising executuve is not that one has critical knowledge while the other is immersed in the 'how-to' of his employment. The difference is only an act of ethical commitment. A different in final project.

Gog: but to what effect?

Magog: One day I will leave the business and write a book.. it will blow the whole thing wide open.

Gog: or serve as more fuel to the fire?

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