Friday, 12 October 2007


Via Infinite Thought: "'Frieze is so capitalist it's Marxist' - Jonathan Jones. So capitalist it's Marxist Indeed, opines magog. We must insist: the ruling class knows what it is doing. The insights of cultural critique come as no surprise to the advertising exec. The intricacies of Deleuze are congenial to the Israeli war machine. Marx is read profitably by stockbrokers.

But this proposition, that the Ruling Class already has the knowledge 'we' have, that they are not ideological dupes sleepwalking through their acts of corporate vandalism etc but soberly and even cynically ensconced behind ideological spin, this is almost universally resisted by the intellectual classes. They think it unsophisticated, vulgar, conceptually uninteresting. For some reason, they want to think that the ruling class is stupid. As if their own knowledge was - politically speaking - enough. Not at all. Their own knowledge implies no political position. ONly active commitment will do.

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